What are penny stocks


What are penny stocks?



Investors of all types are turning to small-cap stocks due to their effectiveness and potential. Penny stocks are generally defined by three rules. Though, there is more than one opinion as to what defines a stock as a penny stock or micro-cap company. We like these three…


  • Trade under $5.00/share.
  • Total market capitalization is under $50 million.
  • Most Penny Stocks are traded on the OTC (OTC Markets) and Pink Sheets Markets.

(We do now and then cover Small-Cap stocks on the Nasdaq and NYSE exchanges.)



The potential in the aggressive OTC and Pink Sheets Stock Markets is unbelievable compared to the big boards. For example, Apple (AAPL) went from $400 to $600 per share. (Don’t get us wrong we still like apple) That is a 50% gain. Compare that to a Penny Stock. An example of this would be ATRN, one of our recent alerts. We alerted it at .01¢ and it went to .36¢ — that’s a 3600% gain! A $2000 investment would now be worth $72,000 in a matter of 30 days, instead of waiting years for your investment to mature.



An experienced trader that has 40 hours a week to do research can find a couple hot penny stocks per month. It is not wise to invest your hard-earned money without doing your due diligence. Making an investment without performing your responsibilities will usually result in a substantial loss of your money!



Penny Stocks that are set to explode are routinely found by us here at FirstPennyPicks.com. Because we hand pick all of our profiles your odds of bagging six figures a year trading is greatly increased. We have a research team that is dedicated to finding the hottest small-cap stocks first. We utilize a ten-point system that all of our picks must meet. We often wait months, even years for the perfect time to release our top penny stocks. The due diligence done by our experienced researchers is what allows us to give you the picks first before the crowd jumps in. By joining our free newsletter you can receive these well-researched penny stock alerts first.



There are several discount brokerages that are conducive to trading penny stocks. Etrade is easy to use and small-cap friendly. Level 2 quotes are highly recommended by First Penny Picks when trading micro-cap stocks. For level two quotes we recommend IHub (see level 2 banner above). Simply open an account with the brokerage of your choice and wait for our next alert. (Most have a minimum $500-1000.00 deposit)…

Choose your college and career wisely

There is a lot to leave for a person to get into the professional world and the biggest thing to leave is immaturity. You can discover your skills and get ahead with a unique personality by thinking about choosing your career and college wisely. There are a number of factors influencing your decision, which might include:

  • Location of college/university
  • Your actual caliber
  • Your higher secondary grades
  • Interests and inclinations
  • Guidance and approach
  • Opinion of elders and friends

Your purpose should be clear before selecting your college and career in the best way. It will be the decision for lifetime and the decision you take will determine your future. There is one life with everyone and making the best use of it would satisfy your best needs. Your decision should be based on the actual facts, skills, academic inclination and the intuition.

Choose your college and career wisely

Trusting yourself is the biggest thing, but when you are looking forward to consider the best career opportunity; it is always better to take suggestion and ideas from experts. Internet is valuable and you can get any information on this platform. You have to honest in evaluating your own. Determine your skills and get a list of your abilities. Think about actually what you want to do and it will be helpful in making the firm decision about your career.

Finding a college should be more important and self discovery is one of the important aspects in order to realize what you actually want from life. You should consider the right people in your life and take their suggestions for the best decision. Your purpose of coming in this world will be fulfilled by making the career choices by consulting the important people in your life. College requires a lot of research and making the wise decision will create better opportunities for the times to come.…

Keep strong networking after college for good career opportunities

It is a tough situation for a person to seek out for their job from someone unknown. After all, no one is willing to accept rejection and a series of rejections might lead to de-motivation. You can preferably call up known people to get their assistance to get references for any jobs. You can ask for the support and advice of your seniors, family, friends and the influential people around. It can help you in seeking out for the most preferable jobs and it works for many cases.

Keep strong networking after college for good career opportunities

The surveys reveal that job hunting gives approx 65% of the new jobs by tapping the networks of friends, acquaintances and the people willing to help. Advertised jobs give only one tenth of the jobs and job hunters have heard successful stories for colleagues and friends. You can get the ideas of finding jobs by using people and links. Hence, it is important to be a part of social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and others to get associated with the people. You can get to know about an opportunity or learn about the new openings available in the associated companies. These days, the concept of losing your acquaintances has become false because there are many social networks in which you can be together with your friends, family and even the people who graduated with you. click here for further details.

College friends, seniors, former bosses, coworkers, intern associates, neighbors, past professors, family relatives and several other options might be available to assist you with your job hunt. It is true that you have to get your vision clear and tell the other person about your exact situation to realize the value of contacts. Reach the people in a way that they don’t feel a burden to talk to you. You can explain your status and interests. If a person refuses for any options, then you can ask them for references or simply tell them to ask you if they get anything concerned with your line.

There are actually many good people in this universe who are ready help you for your job needs. At least, they can give you the right path to move on and it would be ultimately a great help for you in the long run.…

College Career Planning

College career planning is an essential part to build a strong career. You can do self evaluation and self study to identify the career planning methods from universities and private companies. Primary step is to evaluate by doing personal interest evaluation along with skills and grades in previous classes. The major aspect for career planning is identification of a person and getting their credibility in detail.

At personal level, a person should look at different colleges and the courses offered. They can even get a counseling session with their teachers to know about the right subjects fitting their interests and capability. The identification of the right journey to begin for the career is essential. You can give time in writing resume, list out activities and defining your actual goals. You can make use of internet to know about the prospects of every stream and getting ahead with best ones matching your interest and career prospects. There are new and conventional streams for career planning and you can use your own thinking to decide about your future. After all, it has to be your interest and not only the latest trend.

College Career Planning

Your personal research is mandatory and then comes the turn for counseling. Your teachers, pupils and experts can help in identification of the best subjects for your caliber and give best suggestions for your career. The individual should decide about college or career according to their own strength. The concentration on a particular interest will become simpler with time. The focus should be on researching for the universities to shorten the options to make the choice. Young people can utilize the formal education and psychological means to the college career planning. The goal for getting assistance works with right approach of analyzing first and then taking opinion of any other person. Your college career can get towards a right move by making appropriate career efforts.…

College Career Counseling

It is always good to look into your college career counseling for making a great career. When most programs begin with the end of senior secondary education, you need to be certain about the concerns and begin the future planning for a better prospect.


College career counseling begins with the initial consultation. Professional counselors can have direct meeting with the students to learn more about their interests, background and future goals. The questionnaire is completed with basic student information, study area and work experience. This information will be clubbed in the first meeting and it is vital for the counselor to know about it.

College Career Counseling

The consultation will enable the student to know more about the available streams according to their data and becoming more marketable with the application of job. There are many people applying for a job and applicants need to set up the consultation forum to understand about setting them apart from the other candidates. To be superior in the career opportunities, there should be consultation given for the overall scope of the stream.

Career Counseling Services

Once the student has signed up for college career counseling, they will have to carry forward various meetings with the professional. These meetings can be direct, online or through mobile. There are different topics covered, including self evaluation, academic experience and resume creation in the most appropriate way. Each meeting requires information to the students to get ahead in competitive world of jobs.

College career counseling can really make a different in one’s future. The help of professionals will be always beneficial as it will give practical approach for ones career. These services are paid, but potential results with counseling can actually do wonders for your career. So, think about it and begin career counseling services for a better future.…

Increase your odds of career after college

Your college education and future success do have an important correlation. The successful people of the country have the backgrounds from a good college with best leads. It is not mandatory to do graduation or higher studies with some specific subjects, but whatever you do should be in perfection. There are some potential measures to choose for getting into the right lineage and selecting the best activities for your career.

Do grades matter?

Grades do matter. To begin with, you need to have a good grade in your resume. Anyone would be hesitant to hire anyone who has less grading point. Poor grades would spoil the resume. There are efforts and consistent studies required to get high grades into your exams. It is impressive to mark good grades in the resume and believe me; it gets you closer to get the job.

College finishing would matter

The companies will not hire before you finish off the college. College graduates get degree and it is a remarkable point for one’s career. College degree implies to higher intelligence, greater competency and better work ethics than the ones who got their diplomas. Most of the hiring parties use bachelor’s degree as the minimum requirement for any job.

You get your degree by presenting your own challenges and hard work. There is less scope for the people who don’t have the required degree for the job. White collared jobs require exclusive degrees meant for different works.

Majors and Minors

There are some facts about the majors and minors into the career. If you have positive approach for professional career, there will be majors and minors required for different posts. Some people will include majors for their job and they will be most benefited by it and others might require minor areas due to which they are applying for any job.

Increase your odds of career after college

Major subjects should never be for fun. People can even do masters in their major subjects for professionally sound career. You should research about the most rewarding major subject to get an amazing career. Your major should be an important subject for you and don’t choose it till you are 100% sure about building a strong career with your study. Practical business skills can be increased with majority in any subject and you can work in a better way with it.

It is always good to choose a major subject which matches your interest and lifestyle. Don’t be afraid to change your subjects if you find out that it is not suiting you even in between the session. Also, in some subjects, you have to feel like giving up, but they seem good later on. Give dedicated time to your study and then find out the subjects of your choice.

No one immediately gets CEO or VP of any company after completion of graduation. You need to work in dedication and gauge out best results for your workplace to attain success. Economics, finance, entrepreneurship, photography, art, medical and many other streams can give you a great career. You need to see your interest and take the help of experts to know about the most rewarding career.…