What are penny stocks


What are penny stocks?



Investors of all types are turning to small-cap stocks due to their effectiveness and potential. Penny stocks are generally defined by three rules. Though, there is more than one opinion as to what defines a stock as a penny stock or micro-cap company. We like these three…


  • Trade under $5.00/share.
  • Total market capitalization is under $50 million.
  • Most Penny Stocks are traded on the OTC (OTC Markets) and Pink Sheets Markets.

(We do now and then cover Small-Cap stocks on the Nasdaq and NYSE exchanges.)



The potential in the aggressive OTC and Pink Sheets Stock Markets is unbelievable compared to the big boards. For example, Apple (AAPL) went from $400 to $600 per share. (Don’t get us wrong we still like apple) That is a 50% gain. Compare that to a Penny Stock. An example of this would be ATRN, one of our recent alerts. We alerted it at .01¢ and it went to .36¢ — that’s a 3600% gain! A $2000 investment would now be worth $72,000 in a matter of 30 days, instead of waiting years for your investment to mature.



An experienced trader that has 40 hours a week to do research can find a couple hot penny stocks per month. It is not wise to invest your hard-earned money without doing your due diligence. Making an investment without performing your responsibilities will usually result in a substantial loss of your money!



Penny Stocks that are set to explode are routinely found by us here at FirstPennyPicks.com. Because we hand pick all of our profiles your odds of bagging six figures a year trading is greatly increased. We have a research team that is dedicated to finding the hottest small-cap stocks first. We utilize a ten-point system that all of our picks must meet. We often wait months, even years for the perfect time to release our top penny stocks. The due diligence done by our experienced researchers is what allows us to give you the picks first before the crowd jumps in. By joining our free newsletter you can receive these well-researched penny stock alerts first.



There are several discount brokerages that are conducive to trading penny stocks. Etrade is easy to use and small-cap friendly. Level 2 quotes are highly recommended by First Penny Picks when trading micro-cap stocks. For level two quotes we recommend IHub (see level 2 banner above). Simply open an account with the brokerage of your choice and wait for our next alert. (Most have a minimum $500-1000.00 deposit)…